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October 11, 2009


Denise Molloy

Hi Everyone,
Glad to see you have arrived safely in Kumasi. I can't believe how amazing Kelly looks. He's almost the size of his big brothers!! Good luck on Monday as you begin screening all of the anxiously awaiting families and setting up the new unit. I am looking forward to following your progress these next 2 weeks. Denise XO

Jim Klosterboer

Sounds like you're off to a great start! How gratifying to be greeted by a patient's family from a year ago. Thanks, too, for the interesting photos.

Len & Jackie Small

Great to hear you arrived an hour earlier. Great pictures. It was good to see all of you with Kelly. Could you please ask Bev if she could bring home a tree like the one in the photo for they yard. You are all in our thoughts and prayers as you prepare for a busy week ahead. Enjoy.

Sharon Boyle CCP

I am thinking about you all and so proud of what you are accomplishing there! Especially thinking of Chris our respected Perfusionist! GO TEAM!

karen Horn

Hi!! I have been thinking about all of you since you left Saturday. I miss all of you and I so wish I could be there this time. I love all the pictures and it is great to read about everything in the blog. Thanks Sue!!
I hope today turns out to be a very productive one --- I know that you will all be super exhausted tonight. Have a wonderful two weeks. Please give Dora a big hug and Kiss for me. Love, Karen

Jerry Eisenhaur

Hi All!
Glad everyone arrived safe & sound.
We are thinking of you every day.
Our thoughts and prayers with you all for a successful mission.

Peter Gaskin

Hi gang. I am happy that you arrived safely. Good luck and I hope that the M & M supply is adequte :-)

Alex Swanton

Hey Mom,
Hope everything is going great over there. I noticed you started screening patients today so good luck with that. I hope you are getting aquainted with your new OR easily enough. Im going back to school tomorow morning...Good luck and I hope to hear from you soon!
Love, Alex

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