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October 12, 2009


Len & Jackie Small

I think you are about 5 degrees above the equator.
Say hi to Bev for us. Tell her I do not see her doing any of the work. Just sitting in the car listening to directions. I know she does not have her GPS with her. Judy, you are the center of all the photos. Nice smile.
Looks like you are all working hard and smiling at the same time. Keep up the great work. Enjoy the info you are giving.

Lisa P.

Thinking of all of you everyday and how incredible all of you are. The new hospital looks awesome. Get some rest after all that hard work. Looking forward to seeing what you are doing everyday. You are in my prayers. Keep up the great work.

Denise Molloy

looking good everyone! The new OR looks just a bit different than the old one! Thinking of you all everyday. You're doing amazing work over there. Miss you...Denise

karen Horn

WOW!!! The new OR is soo clean!!! How is the bathroom in the new ICU -- do you miss the old one? (just kidding) All those boxes....They just kept coming and coming. I love reading the blog and seeing all the new pictures. You all are doing such an amazing job -- We are so proud of all of you!!!! I miss you all -- feels like we were just there. Mary I promise I will be your roommate next time.....

P.S.Jessica looks so beautiful in her fancy orange outfit..

Joanne Tashjian

I vote for Susan! Rookie of the year. Great blogging. Love the photos of the new place. Have not seen one spring roll? What's up with that? Not to mention...Where is Frantz? Missing you all, keep the photos coming. You all look great. Judy, you ought to be in Hollywood! much love, Joanne

Bruce Swanton

It looks like the whole team is working very hard. Now I know what Bev meant went she said husbands are welcome if they can lift boxes. :) Chris....I love that hat!!

Karen Daly

Hi Bev, Janet never told me that there was a new hospital. I cannot believe what it looks like. OMG it is awesome.
When I saw Kelley, I did not think that it was him, he has grown so much. We are enjoying the blog, Susan is doing a great job. Looking forward to some more pictures. I hope Ama and Sameera will be there. Keep up the great work team, you make us so proud of you. Josh, wish I could have seen you at the airport. Big Mike must have been shocked.

Joan Fagerber

HI Cheryl.

Looks like your doing a great job. I watching you site every day and I'm so proud of all of you on your team that have made this commitment. I am hope all is well. and you do look a little tired. take care and keep up the good work

Shari trevey

Hey Cheryl,

How's your arm? Keep up the good work. I love looking at the pictures of you guys with the kids! Where is your timesheet? Just kiddin. Enjoy the rest of your time there and have a safe trip back.


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