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October 15, 2010


Jerry Eisenhaur

Is it ant hill?

Katy Franklin

The structure is a tree... and a termite mound. This blog brings this amazing adventure to life for everyone back in the state. I can understand why this is such an important mission. My only request is that you include more photos of the medical staff, especially the phenomenal OR group.

Olivia, Marissa, and Nick Horn

HI mom its marissa. i love and miss you and i hope everything is going well.

Len & Jackie Small

I bet the decision day never gets easy no matter how many trips you take. I know it will be a great and rewarding trip no matter what decisions are made. The team knows best.

maryann dowling-abcunas

hello everyone.....what a team !!! cannot even imagine your own hearts with having to turn some away !!! you guys deserve medals of honor and I can only imagine you'll receive enough rewards when you have successful surgeries at the end of each day !!
Hi Catherine, thinking of you and making sure Dad has daily updates.

Love You, Aunt Maryann and everyone !!

maryann dowling-abcunas

love seeing the pictures !! wonderful journey......Aunt Peachie and I wish we were with you and your team.

Thinking of you everyday.
Love, Aunt Maryann

jennifer bourgeois

Hello all-
We are so happy that you arrived safely and are off to a good start. I can't imagine how difficult decision day must be for you all.
Thinking of you today and thank you for all you are doing!
Thanks for updating the blog and the awesome photos. We love reading about your journey.

maryann dowling-abcunas

Great Team.....can't wait to see Catherine's picture with all of you !!

have a successful day !!

Hugs to Catherine and everyone

love, Aunt Maryann and Everyone here at home

Julie Novio

Sounds like this is set to be a very rewarding trip. Somebody please remind Karen Horn NOT to eat anything that she shouldn't. It will be a looooong bus ride home if she does! :-)

Keep up the great work everyone! I'll look forward to more updates.

Linda Placidi

Hi Christine,
Sounds like you will be having another busy mission. It is unbelievable to me that you had everything up and running in such a short time. I'm glad that I don't have to make the decisions of who will have surgery. I would find it very difficult to turn anyone away.
Lots of luck tomorrow, can't wait to hear how everything goes.
Love you lots and I miss you

Lee Hiney

Hi, Ellen. Nancy and I are reading the previous years' blogs and are so happy for you and the team! It's truly amazing the great work you're doing and the coutnry there and it's people seem beautiful. We'll read this daily and wish you well. Love, Mom

Donna Bruley

Hi Steph and everyone,I am thinking of you and hoping all is well.I have to say, I was reliving my experience when I read about the BLACK OUTS !!!!!!!!! Keep up the great work! Donna B.

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