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October 17, 2010


Krystal, Jeremy & Kyra

You guys are doing a great job with the updates! We are loving the pictures and following along with the events of the day. Keep up the hard work, we are thinking of you all. Miss you Bev!

Frank D'Agnese


Jerry Eisenhaur

Gee, I was almost right when I guessed an ant hill. Aren't ants part of the termite family?

I'll bet the chicken lays brown eggs.

Hey, keep up the good work over there. We are all praying for your success.


Brown eggs are local eggs, and local eggs are fresh!

Jamie Gumb

Thinking of you and all your new friends in Ghana! It's amazing to read what you're all doing, and it's great seeing all the pictures!

Keep up the awesome work!

Love you long time Cuz;)

XO from Jamie and the rest of the crew

Len & Jackie Small

I think it lays Easter eggs. Keep up the great work you are all doing. We are all thinking about you over here. Patriots won. Cowboys lost. Miss you Bev.

Edgar Ortiz

Thinking of you in Ghana! Great to see the stories of the first couple of surgeries!

Keep up the great work! Very Exciting to read!

The pictures are awesome already and can't wait to see more.

Miss you Sue & Lisa! XOXO

I bet the chicken does lays White Eggs!

Edgar & Kevin

jennifer bourgeois

I agree with Len and Jackie... Easter Eggs!
Sounds like another successful day! Great job!!

Miss you Josh!!! xoxo


It's a trick question. This species of chicken doesn't lay eggs, it gives birth to baby flamingos.

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