Len & Jackie

Hope you are having a great trip over. I am sure the best part will be the bus trip.
You are all in our thoughts and prayers. We are proud of the work you all are going over there to do. You truly are special people. I know two back here are wishing they were with you again on this trip. Looking forward to reading about all that is happening over there. Miss you Bev.
Love, Dad & Jackie

Kathryn Barrett

Hi GUYS!!!

I have been thinking of all of you on your journey to Ghana...and sending thoughts of prayers your way. I can't wait to read the blog and see the pictures to get a peek of your adventures! The people of Ghana are truly blessed to have such angles!

With Love,
Kathryn xo

Caleb and Lori Wood

Bev and Team,

You are in our thoughts and prayers as you begin yet another incredible journey.

Caleb and Lori


hi guys!!! I've had you all in my thoughts these past few days. Enjoy yet another amazing adventure ! I can't wait to hear all your stories. xoxoxo

Linda Placidi

Hi Christine,
As usual an exciting trip to Ghana!! You all are in my thoughts and prayers as you embark on an amazing journey. We are so proud of all of you and the unbelievable gift you give to others. I'm so glad you have this blog so I can follow your progress, three surgeries on the first day, how wonderful. Keep up the good work, love you and miss you
Mom (Linda)


Hope you guys are having great time! Ravi


With the election controversies swirling around me I had been trying to comes to grips with what is beast for the country. Then I managed to stop and take a minute to reflect upon your mission and the sacrifice that you all have made. Then it came to me. What is best for this country is people like you who leave the comforts of there home and family to go to a place where you must perform a very difficult job under some very adverse conditions to help people less fortunate then any American citizen.

America has always stepped up to assist the less fortunate of the world and I hope it always will. Thanks for your caring and sacrifice, thanks for your commitment, and most of all thank you for making me proud to be an American.

The Desrosiers

Liz and Jay Team,

Glad you arrived safely. Best of luck in the coming days. Thank you for this important work.


Aimee, Jeremy and Josh

Liza Li

Hi Joanne,
We are very proud of the work you and the team are doing in Ghana for the kids. This blog is so exciting and will allow us to see the great things you guys do everyday there. Keep up the great work!

Your friends in the pharmacy department

The Naums

Liz and Jay,

We're so proud of you, and everyone on the team. It is a wonderful and amazing thing you're doing. We've been following the blog and keeping you in our thoughts and hearts.

lots of love,
Nick, Liz, Sophia and George

Alynne Johnson

I hope you're all having an amazing experience in Ghana- best wishes for another successful journey!

Alynne Johnson

Hi Everyone!
I hope you are having an amazing and memorable experience in Ghana- you are making all of us at home on 8 South very proud. Best wishes for another successful trip in Ghana!

Erin, Ryan and Aidan

Hi guys,
We are all thinking of you on your trip. We are excited to keep up with you on the blog.
love you guys,
Erin, Ryan,and Aidan

John and Nancy Swanson

Liz, Jay and Team,
Just following the blog and seeing the pic-
tures is amazing...we can only imagine what
a life changing experience that you are a
part of...our thoughts and prayers are with
you all as you continue to do such important
work...thanks and love.

Kristin, Kathryn, and Whitney

Hi Guys!

We have been following along with your blog and the pictures and it is just amazing what you guys are doing over there! Despite the hardship that the people are facing- every picture dipicts someone with a smile!

with love,
Kristin, Whitney, and Kathryn

fyi- kristin has been on the 7:10 shuttle everynight and whitney wants on instrucion on the local dances when you return!

megs- did the bumpy ride give you motion sickness?
jay and liz- We saw Jameson running down East Broadway the other day! ha!

Dad Salvin


Proud of you more than you could know!!

Stay safe!


Heather Brodeur

Hi Everyone-

We are very lucky to have the medical care that we have access to in Boston and I think if you can share that it is just awesome. FYI - Sawyer is doing great! His edema is almost totally gone, you would hardly recognize him. I can't wait for you to see him, I think you would be proud. They sprinted him for the first time yesterday and he did great. He has been being a good boy while you all are away. Have a safe trip home, we miss you.

Heather & Sawyer Brodeur

Matt Swanson

Jay and Liz,

Following your journey via the blog has been amazing and insightful. The care you and your team are providing is inspiring on many levels. I can't wait to see you when you get back to hear of all your adventures. We are all thinking about you and wish you a safe return home.


Shelley Landry

How can I be involved in the next trip?

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